Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reset oil service indicator for all 3 series (1998–2006) E46 BMW cars

For BMW 318i, 323i, 325i, 328i, 330i, 525i, 528i, 530i models

This is a common question that gets asked a lot on almost every online BMW forum. When you're out of warranty, going to the dealer (read: stealer), is almost never a good idea -- especially when it comes to routine service that you can easily do yourself. If you change your oil yourself, or go to an independent shop to get it done, then you'll need to know how to reset your indicator so it doesn't blink "Inspection" in the instrument cluster every time you turn the key. It's also a good way to keep track of when to change your oil.

While the oil service indicator will only prompt you to change your oil every 10-15k miles (depending on how you drive), I wouldn't wait that long to change your oil -- especially if your car is not a lease, and you plan to keep it. The consensus on the boards is to change your oil anywhere between 3k to 5k miles. I do mine every 5k with the 5W-30 synthetic.

Steps to reset your oil service indicator:
  1. Turn the key all the way to the off position
  2. Press and HOLD the left knob on the instrument cluster (keep holding)
  3. Turn the key ONE CLICK to the accessory position
  4. Continue to hold the left knob until the test changes to reset
  5. Now release the left knob and press and hold it again
  6. When the word reset starts to blink, release and press the left knob once more time
Your service indicator should now read around 15,525 miles.

If you're confused, check out the video.


  1. hi

    i have a 325 convertable 2003, ive tried to reset the service lights, but i cant get "reset" it changes to "test" then reverts to current millage.

    any ideas my email


    1. mee too the same problem any clues

  2. Worked like a charm, first time for me.
    2001 330 Ci

    Thank You!!

  3. A big THANK YOU to you, it took me only seconds to do it. Thanks a million!!!!!!

  4. I have been trying to figure out how to reset the clock in my 2002 BMW 325ci for awhile now. I tried many times but always failed, and I am even thinking that perhaps the button is broken. Since your instructions to reset the oil service indicator is the ONLY one that I tried and worked, do you think you could also post the instructions to reset the clock as well. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. why does it only go to 15,525 miles?

  6. I have a 2000 323i that I have tried everything to reset my oil service and does not seen to work. if you can help please e-mail me at..